Hussain Al Mualem

Hussain Al Mualem

Managing Director

Entrepreneur and engineering solution pioneer in Bahrain and gulf region Hussain Al-Mualem was born on May 20, 1978, in Muharraq Governorate , Kingdom of Bahrain.
As a child, he showed an early interest in how things are done. He turned his parents garage into an Atelier and rigging electrical contraptions around his house. Early love of Art and sculpture gradually his passion in art and design leads him to study the civil engineering and architectural science in also his parallel passion beside the design. Almualem love computers and studied computer science at University of Bahrain. After graduation he worked in many places in order to hone his skills and knowledge in Engineering and Architectural. Also he got his Master degree in computer science in 2011 at Ahliya University.

Early Life

In 2005 beside his study, work, and family he founded Macrovision which established in Hamad Town at first place on July 20, 2005. Although the world is in a financial crisis in 2008, he transferred Macrovision as a Family company to expand and reach the most of the busiest and one of the business point city in Bahrain (Seef District). Two years later, he opens another branch in Isa Town in order to accommodate the demand on his designs.

The success story

The initial success of the company was meteoric and lucrative. With no press promotion, Macrovision was even sold the sketches across Kingdom of Bahrain and Gulf region.
Al-Mualem is a self- made man he lead Macrovision until becomes competing the large establishments because of its creativity in designs and in choosing colors with an imaginable ideas in every corner and angle of every project hold and managed by the founder. Without approaching other well established companies to become part of, while vice versa the competitors asked Al-Mualem to join them after they realized and extent of his proficiency in designs. Until his customers called him the Dream Maker.
Almualem continued to diversify Macrovision until he reach to hold it as Design and Build company in 2012 he success to establish the construction division to be as partner of the main company Macrovision (MV). Almualem have a saying ”I live to challenge, challenging is pour from my blood”.